I’m sorry I’ve been gone, I really have no excuse other than that life is shifting and business is busy-ness. I have been keeping my head down, working hard and have so many great projects to share with you guys.  Starting with this one.  You remember this fun moodboard.  Of course you do, it’s one post down and now I’m realizing how far I’ve been gone from here.  Well that moodboard evolved into a brand board, and finally a website.
Amy is a spitfire in every sense of the word.  She started her instagram account a year ago to keep track of her inventive recipes in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  After gaining a zillion followers, she decided to start a blog.  Amy came to Studio Wilde wanting help clarifying her vision for her brand and website and I was happy to help.  With a color palette in mind, we got to work creating this fresh and sassy logo which was translated over to a brand new website.  Transferring all of her blog posts over was easy, the hard part was resisting the urge to take a break every five minutes when I saw another one of her recipes.  Seriously, this girl could probably find a way to make dirt taste good.  Take a look around, visit her fresh new site and preheat the oven because you will be cooking soon.


Fantastically Fit Brand Launch