It’s been a full week at Studio Wilde with a few projects wrapping up and others just starting.  I want to share a project we just wrapped up for a client who is a strong example of a successful woman entrepreneur.  Katie Pearse started a successful Green Cleaning company a few years back and has since added a few more companies under her wing.  Her latest venture is small business coaching and design.  It was refreshing to work with another designer on her branding- she trusted the design process and had no problem letting go of the reins.

Katie wanted a brand that reflected her fun and girly personality, while still being classic and professional.  We achieved this look with some hand drawn elements paired with a flirty pink, a glam gold, and a cool blue.


You guys, I am still here, I promise.  This summer has flown by!  I’ve got so many projects that need to be added to the portfolio, so forgive the lack of here-ness.  I am here now with a project from April, yes that’s how far behind on this blog I am.  Alison was so much fun to work with creating a new brand for her photography business.  She wanted to create a logo that fit her style of simple and feminine with aqua, coral and gray. We put together a moodboard that combines her love for organic lines and bright colors.  From there we moved forward with her logo design, which showcases a feminine calligraphic typeface.





I am so excited to finally show you guys a project we just wrapped up this week!  Sean is a ridiculously talented photographer who knows what he wants.  He was so easy to work with on his branding and website- he knew exactly what he wanted and was really great at articulating it.  Sean wanted his new brand to reflect his love for travel, the outdoors, and the special connections between people.  We used moody colors combined with earthy textures to bring his vision to life.  Simple text and graphics allowed his photography to do all the talking and you’re gonna want to hear it, so head over to his new site and take a look around.


Sean Carr Photography




I’m sorry I’ve been gone, I really have no excuse other than that life is shifting and business is busy-ness. I have been keeping my head down, working hard and have so many great projects to share with you guys.  Starting with this one.  You remember this fun moodboard.  Of course you do, it’s one post down and now I’m realizing how far I’ve been gone from here.  Well that moodboard evolved into a brand board, and finally a website.
Amy is a spitfire in every sense of the word.  She started her instagram account a year ago to keep track of her inventive recipes in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  After gaining a zillion followers, she decided to start a blog.  Amy came to Studio Wilde wanting help clarifying her vision for her brand and website and I was happy to help.  With a color palette in mind, we got to work creating this fresh and sassy logo which was translated over to a brand new website.  Transferring all of her blog posts over was easy, the hard part was resisting the urge to take a break every five minutes when I saw another one of her recipes.  Seriously, this girl could probably find a way to make dirt taste good.  Take a look around, visit her fresh new site and preheat the oven because you will be cooking soon.


Fantastically Fit Brand Launch

Moodboard Monday!  There, now it’s a thing.  We’re finally getting a little blogging structure around here!  So this moodboard is for a very active client who can teach us a thing or two about balancing food and fitness. She knew she wanted her brand to be happy and bright and knew her colors right away , which if you’re a designer you know picking a color pallete is half the battle since there are so many options!  She handed over some gorgeous pictures of her wedding that featured lots of bright yellows and calming grays that she wanted as the foundation of her branding and we’re rounding it out with a warm lavender.  We’re still tweaking the logo, but here’s a peek at what you’ll see soon.




I’m up to my ears in moodboards these days! I figured I’d share one that was completed a while back in preparation for a really fun client. She actually surprised herself by liking these colors since she’s more of a neutrals and white kinda gal. I’m thrilled she’s stepped out of her comfort zone and has hopped on the color train. This brand (you’ll see soon) is modern and clean with just a pinch of fun. I can’t wait to share this project with you guys so stay tuned!






I’m excited to share a moodboard with you guys for a project I’m currently working on.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the board kinda does all the talking, right?  This brand will be glam and feminine while maintaining a simple approach.  We’re in the final stages of branding, so I can’t wait to share more.





moodboard feminine

The Good Life Film Co. website is almost finished and I can’t wait to share it with you! But for now, I’ll leave you with a little taste. I have finally updated my portfolio a bit, and there’s still more to come!

Brand Board by Studio Wilde Design Co.


Web Site designed by Studio Wilde

I’m one of those people that Christmas can sneak up on.  Knowing it’s coming, but never prepared… it’s okay, there’s still time, maybe after I watch Home Alone this third time.  I buy all the presents a few days before someone’s supposed to tear into them, stressed out and not that jolly from about the 20th to maybe 8pm Christmas Eve when I’m done wrapping.  I’m an OK gift giver though, so come Christmas morning my loved ones are happy (or good at faking), and I promise myself I’ll be Martha Stewart next year.  Well, it’s “Next Year” and Christmas is poking me with its very now-ness.  So here’s a little gift guide of a few of my favorite ideas, because I promised myself… and maybe you could use some help too.






Act surprised if you’re on my list.




Gift Guide